There are many tricks to make your profile pop. Here are a few easy ways to make your profile shine.

  1. Don’t use photos with other people. Learn to crop photos or take new pics. Do whatever it takes to make sure the focus is only on you.
  2. Use recent photos ONLY. With all the technology at our fingertips, you shouldn’t have photos that are more than 6 months old as your first impression. If you’ve been on the site for a while and your results are less than desired, try swapping out your old pics for some new ones.
  3. Have a mix of body and face shots. Imagine you were buying a product online, but they only showed it from one angle. You’d be suspicious that what you were getting might not be what was advertised. Market yourself truthfully and give your first dates true long-term potential.
  4. Don’t give away the milk for free. Many sites now let you put up dozens of photos. Even videos, too. Think of your site as a curated museum exhibit of your life. Show only your masterpieces. Leave them wanting to know more about you, rather than seeing something that turns them off.
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