Spin Your Web: How to Brand Yourself for Successful Online Dating

Sample chapter taken from Part One: Online

The Product “YOU”

The biggest block to finding success in online dating is that most people have no idea how to advertise who they are or what they are looking for. So from this point forward I want you to think of yourself as a product. The product “You.” You’ve been in beta testing for this product your entire life, now it is time to release the premium model into the marketplace. The goal? Sell as many units of this product until you feel rich and secure enough to not need to sell it anymore.

Let’s look at your marketing plan. How do you wish to be perceived by dates? It’s important when you have a product to sell that you know why a potential buyer would look at it and say, “I want that!” It is equally as important to know everything about the product you are selling and be realistic about what its functionality is and who that buyer would be.

If you are selling a Toyota, your marketing campaign needs to be about reliability whereas if you are selling a Ferrari, your campaign is about speed. If you try to present your Toyota as a flashy, slick, speed demon, you will have a lot of disappointed buyers, or worse, a lot of cars left on your lot. But if you realize that your Toyota’s greatest asset is reliability and highlight all of the benefits of that: less money spent on repairs, lower cost, better gas mileage…then you get your advertisement to buyers who need just that, your Toyotas will be in high demand. Sure, a Ferrari is a flashier car, but how many people can afford them or even truly want them when they realize what needs they actually have? Yes there are physical perfect 10s in the dating world but what is behind someone’s good looks?

A shiny new car loses 20% value when it’s driven off the lot. You need to make sure there are enough features in your ride to keep your buyer happy for years to come. The most physically attractive daters may get the most messages initially, but that doesn’t mean they are the most likely to meet their perfect match and sustain a long-term relationship.


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