Mya M, Toronto

Damona has profoundly impacted my life as a mentor for acting, a go-to girl for advice in dating relationships and an explorer in new ventures. The advice given to me was invaluable.

I learned how important it is to bring who YOU are into the room when you meet someone for the first time. Whatever it is that makes you special will always shine through if you are being truthful and open. For all of you out there, I hope you all have a GO-TO girl like I have. It makes the yellow brick road a lot easier.

Todd R, Aliso Viejo

I was lost in a forest...all alone. After roaming aimlessly for years, I was pretty disappointed in my online dating results. I thought if I just put my profile out there I should get results. But the results were not there. 

Damona explained what I was doing wrong. With new photos, an update to my profile and a renewed spirit to be more proactive, I was able to get back out there and find what I was looking for.

Eric B, Los Angeles

I had been on various online dating sites for years and was about to give up on them when I started getting guidance from Damona. Her book is illuminating. Her advice is clear and concise. Her positive attitude is infectious.

I went back online with an updated profile and a new approach, and this past July I'm happy to say I married the love of my life.

Stella C, West Hollywood

As a first timer to the online dating scene, Damona truly took what seemed completely foreign and a bit frightening and made it into something very manageable and actually fun. I hadn't been on a date in a very long while and I had been very resistant to trying the online dating thing.

But with Damona's guidance and easy-going, very practical advice, I jumped in and went on more dates than probably my entire dating life! Just to get back out there was amazingly empowering, and the entire process became not just about finding a mate, but learning more deeply about myself.

Jeff S, San Diego

Damona encouraged me to try something new and different. I did not see myself as someone who wanted to invest time and money in online dating, that is, until I was given the support and encouragement to make it worthwhile. Since the time I began online dating I have not looked back and I have only to thank Damona for my success.

Melanie, Los Angeles

Damona has really transformed my attitude and outlook on dating in LA, which can be overwhelming and frustrating to say the least. She has great exercises that not only helped me to define what I am looking for in a man but also what I feel I have to offer my partner. Her tips on dating, which cover everything from date ideas, to personal safety when meeting someone new, to conversation starters, to crafting the perfect online dating profile, were tremendously helpful.

I also really enjoyed that she tasks her clients to foreshadow where they envision themselves 3, 6 and 12 months down the road. I am now happily dating someone and have Damona  to thank in large part for keeping me open-minded, instilling confidence in me, and reminding me never to settle.

R.S. , Los Angeles

I am currently having my "I Heart Damona" shirt printed up right now so that I can where it everywhere and spread the word. Now, I'm not saying I'm the queen of great decisions - I currently own a white couch and I've dated some extremely questionable dudes - but working with Damona has been, hands down,  one of the best decisions I've ever made.

When we first met, I was heartbroken and not even sure how to re-enter the dating world. She held my hand and we dove in together... and for that I am very grateful. And the best part? She knows everything. Forget about the fact that she's crazy smart and cares deeply about her clients, this lady KNOWS HER STUFF.

She knew how to approach posting a dating profile (and literally everything about online dating), she knows how to deal with the first date and she seems to know what both men and women are thinking post-date. How does she know all this stuff? Don't ask me - ask her - she's got a gift.  

If you're as lost and clueless and bummed out about dating as I was, don't hesitate to connect with the expert. And the best part? I'm now in an exclusive relationship with a great guy and I know how to communicate my thoughts and needs. It's a whole new world... and I have Damona to thank.

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