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Does your profile make you stand out from the crowd? Does it attract your ideal date? Don't try to figure it out alone.  We know all the tactics to get you more messages and more dates, from username creation to photos to 1st impressions!


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Damona Hoffman is the leading expert in dating in the new millennium. launched a multi-city series of live events and workshops with her, she's one of JDate's top columnists, plus she's a popular blogger on The Huffington Post.

A matchmaker will only bring you the fish but Damona actually teaches you how to fish. Find out how to hook your perfect match TODAY!


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Spin Your Web: How To Brand Yourself For Successful Online Dating

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Online dating has become one of the top four ways people are meeting, dating, and getting married today. The secret to online dating success is 'branding' yourself with a snappy, sexy profile that instantly sets you apart from the pack. In this book Damona Hoffman shares all of her tricks of the trade so you too can fall madly in love online with a real person who will also adore you.

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